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CBD and fatigue

A tired woman is sleeping bent over the table, next to it is a green plant and a few lemons.


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Tällä sivulla esitetty tutkimustieto on tarkoitettu vain ravitsemuksen ja terveydenhuollon ammattilaisille, eikä sitä ole tarkoitettu välitettäväksi kuluttajille.

Fatigue is very common and everyone will experience it at some point in their lives. Constant fatigue can be caused by many different reasons and the background also affects it endocannabinoid system. In this article, we’ll explore fatigue and whether CBD oil could help manage the symptoms!

The human body is a subtle entity, which on the one hand is durable and stable, but on the other hand reacts very sensitively to various environmental factors. Fatigue is an expression of various experiences related to the general state of alertness. There can be many reasons behind fatigue and CBD oil can help with some of them.


Causes of fatigue


Fatigue can be caused by a bad night’s sleep, stress, medication or a stressful life situation. Menstruation, iron deficiency anemia, menopause, depression and allergies cause fatigue, as does, for example, watching over a baby. Fatigue is the first or side symptom of some diseases. (1)

In general, fatigue is caused by lifestyles that can be influenced by yourself. Sufficiently long night sleep, stress relief, diet and exercise are basic things that can increase your own endurance (1). CBD oil according to studies, has an effect on insomnia. It improves the sleep cycle and makes it easier to both fall asleep and wake up. It has also been found to deepen sleep.


iron-rich foods on the table.

One of the most significant factors causing fatigue is iron deficiency anemia and low iron stores in the body, i.e. ferritin.


Iron deficiency anemia


Today, iron deficiency anemia is a very common body imbalance condition, especially among women, which causes severe fatigue and weakness. Iron deficiency can be difficult to detect, because the hemoglobin concentration in the blood can be within the reference values, but the levels of storage iron, i.e. ferritin (ferritin and P-TfR), are very low.

It is thought that almost all women suffer from low ferritin and its effects should be taken seriously. The challenge is the poor absorption of iron consumed as a supplement and the fact that what works for one person may not work for another. Iron stocks also seem to decrease quickly again, even if they could be temporarily raised to a safe level.

Iron deficiency is basically a disturbance in the production of red blood cells, and its background is often a lack of trace and mineral substances that build red blood cells. To produce red blood cells, e.g. copper, iron and several B group vitamins. In order to get the iron values permanently in order, it is good to consider the diet as a whole. In the beginning, especially if the storage iron is very low, it can be good to take some well-absorbed iron product, which can often be found in health food stores, and with the energy you get from it, you start thinking about your own overall situation and why the iron is not absorbed. (2)

There are a huge number of different views on the causes of iron deficiency. Some think it’s a vegetarian diet and others think it’s eating meat and eggs. One believes that heavy menstruation is the reason, and the other blames everything on their own beliefs. However, the truth is that there are certainly many reasons and the problem is transgenerational. You can find different perspectives on the subject by searching huge amounts on the internet, and to improve the situation, it is possible to try all kinds of things, from iron preparations to iron infusion to diet correction. (2)

Doctor Ilona Ritola maintains the INFO – Raudanpūte – website, which has a lot of information related to the topic.

There are different types of iron products. What is absorbed by one person is not necessarily absorbed by others, and the form in which the iron is usually affects how challenging the preparation in question is for the stomach. The absorption of iron is promoted by e.g. Vitamin C, and it should not be taken together with dairy products.

Symptoms of fatigue


The symptoms of fatigue are quite clear. In the morning, it would be impossible to get out of bed, and the day does not seem to start. In addition, for example, going to work can feel overwhelming and the ability to concentrate can be non-existent. Taking care of everyday things is therefore more burdensome than usual, and the thought of the sofa and curling up under a blanket is always on my mind. Fatigue can appear at any time of the day, depending on the cause, and it cannot necessarily be corrected by rest. Prolonged fatigue can also be a symptom of an illness.

In fatigue symptoms related to hormonal imbalance, fatigue often strikes in the afternoon!


Constant fatigue and weakness


It is good to find out the cause of constant fatigue, because when it becomes chronic, fatigue may turn into exhaustion and recovery can be a long process. Long-lasting fatigue that does not resolve with lifestyle changes, such as paying attention to sleep quality, can also be a sign of illness.

The feeling of weakness may be related to iron deficiency anemia or some other disease. Exhaustion also causes weakness. Powerlessness is a symptom that strongly affects life, because it is both a mental and a physical feeling at the same time. The legs may not carry and even a small everyday adversity may seem like an insurmountable challenge.


Treatment of fatigue


The treatment of fatigue depends entirely on the cause of the fatigue. Prolonged fatigue or fatigue occurring as a symptom of an illness and its treatment should be agreed with a doctor, but fatigue caused by your own choices can be corrected with demanding but simple methods. It is good to make changes to your diet in a healthier direction, especially if you feel tired immediately after eating. The feeling that comes from eating is light, but full, satisfied and energetic. Fatigue is caused by digestion that takes too much energy, which can be caused by the simplest combination of bad ingredients.

Stress can be relieved in many ways. The forest, sauna, moments where you don’t demand anything from yourself, good food and calming the nervous system are proven to be good ways to calm the mind. You can read more here On the effect of CBD oil on stress .

Good lifestyles are a prerequisite for a vibrant life. The body copes better with everyday challenges when the foundation is in good condition. Good or even moderate physical condition, high-quality nutrition, a balanced mind contribute to coping, and fatigue is often caused by deficiencies in the basic things of life.


Mental fatigue


Exhaustion is sometimes called mental fatigue, and on a general level it often means tiredness related to everyday things. The rhythm of life can be really burdensome and between work, home and free time and slowly causes exhaustion. Exhaustion is challenging to notice, let alone admit to yourself, and that’s why it often has time to progress too far, in which case the situation requires a long rest and calming down of life before the strength returns to normal.


tired woman sleeping in a hammock.

Fatigue is caused by many reasons and it is good to treat them seriously, because fatigue usually has a deeper meaning.


Does CBD oil help with fatigue?


Often in studies about CBD and also according to user experiences, especially high doses of CBD oil may cause fatigue. That’s true, but possibly adjustable by what time of day you take CBD and what kind of dose.

CBD affects adenosine, which is one of the hormones that cause fatigue. Adenosine levels naturally rise in the evening and cause a feeling of fatigue. (3,4)

The use of the CBD oil the effect on fatigue is individual. Some people get tired after just one drop of CBD oil, while others take it even in the morning without any tiring effect on the level of alertness. In particular, cannabinoid acids such as CBD-A and CBG-A may raise the mood and, with it, also the state of alertness.

CBD oil may be helpful for sleep-related challenges and thus also have an effect on the general state of alertness.




Fatigue is a common and natural feeling that can be affected by many health-promoting life choices. Fatigue that cannot be cured by easy means should be investigated in more detail, because sometimes the underlying cause is illness, exhaustion or a lack of vitamins.




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