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CBD Oil Dosing – The Complete Guide to Dosing

CBD öljytipat ja annostelu.


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CBD oil dosage and top tips 2024:


According to research, to get the best possible benefit, CBD should be dosed in the following ways:


  • CBD can be absorbed up to 4 times more effectively if there is fat in the stomach, for example after food or when taken with omega fat. Absorption is improved because cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBN, etc.) are fat-soluble
  • If CBD drops are kept under the tongue for 2-3 minutes before swallowing, then the effects can be obtained in up to 10-15 minutes, because CBD and other compounds are absorbed through the mucosal vesicles of the mouth directly into the bloodstream
  • To obtain the desired effects, the correct dosage of CBD is of great importance. See the dosage table in the middle of this page for general dosage instructions


In this guide, we focus on the use and dosing of CBD oil. Proper dosing of CBD oil is important to get the most out of it without using it too much or too little. Ideally, it should not be necessary to use large amounts of CBD oil on a regular basis and it is especially important to start with a low dosage at first. Users unfamiliar with CBD may experience drowsiness and dry mouth as a side effect.

Excessive use in huge amounts can be useless and become costly when the necessary effects can be achieved even in smaller amounts. Of course, there are difficult cases where the amounts are large in order to obtain the necessary benefits. According to studies, the half-life of CBD in the body varies between 2 and 5 days, depending on e.g. user weight, metabolism, and amount of exercise.

Although studies suggest that CBD and other cannabinoids help to balance the body’s endocannabinoid system in many ways, it is still unclear how certain effects are repeatedly obtained in different people (1). Further randomized and controlled studies are needed to provide definitive clinical guidance.

So do not take the things written on the page as literal instructions, but rather as guidelines from which to start seeking the right dosage for yourself. The most important thing is to use researched high quality CBD oil and observe how your own body reacts to CBD oil.


Briefly about CBD oil and the contents of the dosage article


The use of the CBD oil popularity has grown exponentially in recent years and more and more people are taking CBD oil to support their well-being. In 2019, up to 14% of the U.S. population used it CBDand every third there has at least tried the CBD (The Gallup Poll Social Series GPSS 2019). A huge number of people use CBD and other cannabinoids to balance the well-being of their bodies and minds.

There are many different types of CBD oils and products. There are big differences in quality and concentration, and unfortunately there are still products on the market that do not even contain CBD or other cannabinoids, but only contain hemp seed oil.

In addition to the quality and concentration of the product, the effects and dosage of the CBD oil you choose will depend on whether the product is a CBD isolate or a full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD oil. For studies show that CBD acts in combination with cannabinoids, terpenes and flavones, which occur naturally in hemp. (2)

Full Spectrum CBD oil refers to a product that contains all (or a large amount) of various cannabis plant compounds such as cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, which have been shown to have more diverse effects. A CBD isolate is a product that contains only CBD. THC has been removed from Broad Spectrum CBD oil. For safety reasons, CBD oils made from industrial hemp do not need to be stripped of THC, as concentrations below 0.2% do not have any intoxicating effects, but its presence makes the product more effective.

In this article, we’ll cover everything essential you should know about CBD oil and how to use it.

  • How much CBD oil needs to be used at one time?
  • How do I know what the appropriate dose is?
  • How many drops of CBD oil should you take in proportion to your weight?
  • What factors affect the amount of dosage?
  • Do you get CBD oil from Finland?
  • Orientation for dosing CBD oil dosing table


How much CBD oil needs to be used at one time?


How much CBD oil is needed and worth using? There are large differences in both quality and strength of CBD products and oils on the market. Some of the products are so-called. full spectrum products, ie those that have not been heated or treated to remove active ingredients from the final product. There is also a wide range of board (Spectrum) products on the market, where, for example, some cannabinoids have changed shape as a result of the heating process. Upon heating, the cannabinoid acids are decarbosylated, whereby, for example, the cannabidiol acid CBD-A is converted to the cannabidiol, i.e. CBD. Some products are made entirely from isolates, ie ingredients isolated from hemp, such as CBD alone, in which case the product may contain almost 100% CBD in addition to the carrier oil, without other cannabinoids, terpenes or flavonoids. The isolate is thus a pure laboratory product and does not have as extensive efficacy as a full-spectrum CBD oil. Manufacturers report slightly different dosing recommendations on the packaging of CBD products, as no official recommended intake has yet been defined.

Generally, the recommended dose is 1 to 5 drops once or several times a day. Thus, CBD oil is often dispensed using a pipette in a bottle, making dispensing easy and possible with great precision. However, each person is an individual, so finding the right dose for you depends on a number of different factors such as weight, metabolism, and diet. It also matters whether CBD is ingested with food or on an empty stomach. Recent studies show that CBD can be absorbed more efficiently when ingested with fatty foods (2).


How do I know what the appropriate dose is?


As already mentioned above, the finding of a suitable dosage is influenced by a number of different things and purposes. Manufacturers of CBD oils often state on their packaging general recommendations for the use of the product in drops and milligrams. A good rule of thumb is to start according to the instructions, starting lightly and increasing the dosage a little quietly as needed.

For a completely inexperienced user, it may take some time for the body to become sensitive to the active substances and for the desired effects to begin to appear or be felt. In principle, it is worth using CBD oil as a cure, e.g. For 4 weeks and take a short break if necessary to prevent the tolerance from developing too much.

As tolerance increases, the dosage should also be increased to obtain the same benefits as before. Recommended doses generally range from 3 milligrams to 20 milligrams of CBD, or greater, depending on the product.

In order to find out the best dose size for yourself, it is a good idea to write down the amounts you use so that you can monitor the situation more reliably. Here, too, moderation is a trump card. You can also take advantage of the dose counters made by the manufacturers, if any. Also read how much CBD can be given to domestic animals such as dogs and cats .

The CBD oil dosing table below provides an answer to how many CBD oil drops exactly should you take in proportion to your weight?


CBD dosing table


CBD oil dosage chart by weight.

Dosing of CBD oil for a specific need:

  • Anxiety -> Mild or medium strength
  • Epilepsy ->Strong
  • Pain ->Medium to strong
  • Migraine -> Mild to strong
  • Nausea ->Mild or medium strength
  • to sleep ->Medium to strong
  • cancer -> Strong
  • General health maintenance -> Mild

NOTE! A general idea about dosage based on experience. Please note that CBD products are not medicines and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or cure diseases.


What factors affect the amount of dosage?


In order to find a suitable dosage, it is a good idea to consider the quality, strength, composition and timing of the CBD oil, i.e. whether the oil is ingested with a meal or on an empty stomach. Often, the appropriate dosage of CBD is assessed based on body weight. Higher doses are recommended for heavier individuals than for lighter ones. Dosage tables and variety dose counters can be found online for both humans and pets (3). The absorption of the active substances in the body varies from user to individual, which is why their duration of action may also vary somewhat. We recommend that you take the following into account when dosing:


1. Things affecting CBD oil


The content and quality of CBD oil is a key factor in the proper dosing of CBD.

QUANTITY OF CBD: There is a wide variety of products available that vary widely in cannabinoid levels. For example, if you are used to using a certain 5% CBD oil, the 5% version from another manufacturer may actually be very different in concentration and effect. That is, sometimes the so-called. a milder product may perform better than a product declared stronger by a different manufacturer. Concentrations of the most common CBD oils on the market vary widely from 1% to 40%. The exact amount of CBD cannot be known except by proper cannabinoid analysis. We always recommend checking product analyzes from your CBD vendor and if they are not available at all, you may want to consider another manufacturer. There may be large differences in the analyzes and measuring instruments and the most reliable analyzes have been performed by a third party. It is therefore not always worth relying on the concentrations reported by the manufacturers alone!

COMPOSITION OF CBD OIL: In general, CBD products on the market are broad-spectrum or full-spectrum products, but sometimes also isolates. The full spectrum includes all active substances in hemp such as cannabinoids (CBD, THC, CBN, CBD, CBDA, etc.), terpenes and flavonoids. A broad spectrum means that some of the ingredients have been lost or changed in the manufacturing process. Isolate refers to almost pure isolates in crystal form, i.e. individual active ingredients such as CBD isolate, which does not contain other active substances and can be up to 99% CBD at its purest.

Studies show that full-spectrum CBD products perform better than isolates, or a wide range of products, and this interaction is referred to as the “ Entourage effect ” (4). According to some studies, when using isolates, increasing the dose size has not increased the efficacy of the product beyond a certain point.


2. Effects of use


Of course, the time and manner of use will also affect the perceived effects of the CBD oil and the amount of dose required. Others always enjoy CBD oil on an empty stomach right from the morning and another likes to enjoy it with food by mixing it e.g. between food and drink. If the oil is used internally, what matters is how long the CBD oil is allowed to be absorbed from the oral mucosa. The active substances are absorbed into the bloodstream much faster through the blood vessels of the mouth than from the stomach. It is usually recommended to keep the drops under the tongue for 1 to 3 minutes before swallowing. So it is clear that if you mix the drops with the drink then the onset and duration of the effects can be significantly different from allowing it to be absorbed directly under the tongue.

Carriers of CBD oils can also affect how quickly the active substances are transported by the body. MCT oil from coconut, olive oil, sunflower oil or hemp seed oil are often used as carrier oils.


3. Individual factors


It is known that the effect of CBD depends on the individual and, for example, a woman weighing 50 kg and a man weighing 100 kg need a different amount to experience similar effects. The factors affecting the perceived effects are listed in more detail below:

  • MetabolismA: How quickly and for how long CBD affects you depends on e.g. metabolism. So look at whether your metabolism is slow or fast.
  • Body weight: The weight of the user can significantly affect how CBD oil affects your body. A heavier person may need higher doses than a lighter one.
  • Previous experience: When used for a long time, the body may have become accustomed to the effects of CBD oil and the user may experience the effects differently than when they started. Tolerance to active substances may also occur.
  • Gender: According to some studies, CBD and other cannabinoids appear to work slightly differently depending on the user’s gender and hormonal function.


Do you get CBD oil from Finland?


A wide variety of CBD oils can be found in online stores. What they contain and what purpose they are used for affects how the authority views the matter in Finland. In Finland, various CBD products are best found online shopping, health food stores and specialty stores, both as cosmetics and supplements. Products containing CBD can also be ordered in Finland from abroad, and their legality depends on the content, the purpose of the products and how they are marketed. Some products require a prescription in order to order them legally. The legality of all CBD products is assessed on a case-by-case basis.


Cannabinoids and abbreviations

Listed below are abbreviations for some of the best known cannabinoids.





In the article you will find information on how to dispense CBD oil and how to choose the best product for you. The most important factors are the quality and composition of the oil, as well as individual differences such as user weight and metabolism. There are also differences between the products and information of different manufacturers, and it is good to keep in mind that there can be big differences between products, even if the information on the packaging is the same as for another product. For best results, we recommend starting with low doses first and following the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

Note! The information we present in this guide is based on peer-reviewed scientific studies on which we have based our text.




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