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Finland's Best CBD Products Seen in Madventures, on the Ruutu Channel

Madventures Finland's first season 7. the episode introduced the tribe of biohackers. In the program seen from the Ruutu channel, biohacker and non-fiction writer Teemu Arina offers Riku Rantala and Tuomas Milonoff drinks from the CBD products offered by Hamppumaa. Even at the VIP event organized in connection with the Biohacker Summit, Upgraded Dinnerwill serve the best CBD products for Hemp.

Full range of CBD products

CBD-A Hemp juice products are real full-spectrum hemp products

A full-spectrum hemp product means that the product contains everything inherent in hemp cannabinoids , terpenes, flavonoids and essential oils, just as nature designed it.

The secret of SANA CBD-A hemp products is cold-pressed hemp juice, which is made immediately after harvest. Just two hours after harvest and the hemp is cold pressed and frozen into juice. The hemp juice is then freeze-dried CBD-A Hemp juice powder . Hemp juice powder is used in the manufacture of all Sana products.


Cannabidiol (CBD)


Cannabidiol acid (CBD-A)


Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THC-A)


Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

CBD-A Effects of hemp juice

Cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids naturally occurring in hemp act together and individually, directly or indirectly endocannabinoid system balancing. Purpose of the endocannabinoid system is to maintain balance in the various systems of the body by slowing down and speeding up processes as needed.

Endocannabinoid system is one of the largest human receptor networks. Its receptors (CB1, CB2) are located around the body and are responsible for vital functions such as immune defense, appetite, sleep, mood and pain sensation.

Check the CBD oil vendor analyzes

Indicators of the quality and purity of CBD products are third-party cannabinoid and purity assays.

Hemp collects heavy metals from the soil and the cannabinoid concentrations of CBD oil and other CBD products (including CBD-A, CBD, THC-A and THC) vary depending on the hemp variety and manufacturing method. Therefore, soil purity and third party laboratory testing for CBD products are very important.

It is therefore particularly important to purchase and use only CBD oils and other CBD products from fully transparent and reliable CBD manufacturers, which should be food grade for oral ingestion. Only by doing so can you ensure the quality and safety of CBD oil or any other CBD product.

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Questions and answers about CBD-A hemp juice products

What is hemp juice?
  • Hemp juice is the cold-pressed juice from the leaves of industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa L.), which is produced immediately after harvest.
  • After cold pressing, the hemp juice is freeze-dried hemp juice powder
  • All other CBD-A is made from hemp juice powder hemp juice products
Are CBD-A hemp juice products safe to use?
  • Yes CBD-A hemp juice products are completely safe to use as the products are manufactured under the supervision of the food authorities.
  • According to some studies, high levels of CBD may affect the efficacy and absorption of certain drugs.
  • CBD can alter the activity of cytochrome P450 enzymes (CYP) in the liver through the interaction of some drugs.
  • Calcium channel blockers and anticoagulants are not recommended for use with CBD-A products.
  • More information on drug interactions can be found here >
What varieties of CBD-A Hemp Juice is made from?
  • Futura 75, a hemp variety approved by the European Commission.
Where is hemp used as a raw material grown?
  • In the Netherlands. There, the know-how of the experts is top notch.
How are Lozenges Different from Tincture?
  • Lozenges are 2mg strong and are in an easier to eat form for example when traveling.
  • The tincture is absorbed the fastest. The plant glycerol in the tincture promotes the absorption of active ingredients.


Does CBD-A Hemp Juice have medicinal effects?
  • CBD-A hemp juice products you get the full spectrum of hemp seeds and leaf nutrient richness as raw juice.
  • Hemp seeds and leaves are rich in important nutrients, vitamins and trace elements.
  • We do not claim that CBD-A Hemp Juice products have health-promoting effects other than those to which vitamins with generally accepted health claims have been added.
Can your CBD-A products be used to treat and prevent pain?

We do not claim that CBD-A Hemp Juice products have health-promoting effects, other than those to which vitamins with generally accepted health claims have been added.

Is the use of CBD products visible in drug testing?
  • Not visible, as the tests measure the THC content. THC is the main intoxicating cannabinoid. The amount of THC in the products does not exceed 0.2%, ie below the permitted limit. Based on the measurement analyzes, the products contain less than 0.1% THC.
  • Read more about " Does CBD oil show up in a drug test? "
What is CBD-A hemp juice used for?
  • Hemp juice products are unique full-spectrum CBD products from which, in addition to hemp seed nutrients (including omega-3 and -6 fatty acids), you get the nutrient richness of inflorescence, i.e., rich in leafy green, CBD-A (cannabidiol acid), and 112 other cannabinoids.
  • Because CBD-A Hemp Juice is made by freeze-drying and freeze-drying, it contains more natural concentrations of other cannabis plant compounds such as terpenes, flavonoids, and essential oils that are lost in other CBD production methods.
  • We do not claim that CBD-A Hemp Juice products have health-promoting effects other than those to which vitamins with generally accepted health claims have been added.
  • 100 grams of hemp juice powder contains:
    • Energy 1473 kj / 347 kcal
    • Fat 2.4 g
    • Saturated fatty acids 0.93 g
    • Trans fat< 0.1 g
    • Carbohydrates 57.5 g
    • Protein 23.9 g
    • Sugar 17.3 g (not added)
    • Ash 12.3 g
    • Salt 2.8 g salt
    • Omega 3 fatty acids 30 mg
    • Omega 6 fatty acids 290 mg
    • CBD acid 2510 mg
    • Vitamin B3 110.9 mg (652.5% of the recommended daily intake)
    • Vitamin B6 3.1 mg (206.7% of the recommended daily intake)
    • Vitamin E 19.9 mg (168.6 days of recommended intake)
    • Iron 52.2 mcg
    • Potassium 0.15 mg
    • Calcium 0.2 mg
    • Zinc 263 mcg
    • Leaf green 2.5mg
Can CBD products be used at the same time as other drugs?
  • We do not recommend the use of calcium channel blockers and anticoagulants in combination with CBD products, as some studies suggest that high levels of CBD may affect the efficacy and absorption of certain drugs. Further research is needed on drug interactions. More information on drug interactions can be found here >
How is CBD-A Hemp Juice Made?
  • Hemp juice powder is made by cold pressing hemp juice fresh two hours after harvest. The juice is then frozen and lyophilized. Prior to treatment, the plant material is washed and cleaned thoroughly.


How is CBD oil different from Cannabis Sativa Tincture?
  • Cannabis Sativa CBD-A Tincture receive 5mg CBD-A / 12 drops (recommended dose) when CBD oil saa n. 7.5 mg CBD / 3 drops (recommended dose). The tincture is made with plant glycerol and the oil is made with MCT oil (derived from coconut) and does not contain plant glycerin. The oil has a stronger concentration.


How is Tincture Different from Hemp Juice Capsules?
  • Cannabis Sativa CBD-A-Tincture provides 5 mg of CBD-A / 12 drops (recommended dose). CBD-A Hemp juice capsules receive 6.9 mg / capsule. The advantage of the tincture is that the active ingredients in it are transported faster for the body to utilize because it is made into plant glycerol.
Are CBD-A Hemp Juice Products Free from Heavy Metals and Other Contamination?
Should CBD-A products always be taken on an empty stomach?
  • CBD products can be enjoyed with food or on an empty stomach. According to some studies, with fatty foods, CBD is better absorbed.


Should CBD-A or CBD products be stored in the refrigerator?
  • Oil-based CBD oils are best kept dry and cool.
  • Unopened products can be stored in the refrigerator for longer. We recommend storing opened products at room temperature to prevent moisture build-up.


Experiences in the hemp industry since 2014

Our mission is to make the world a better place one hemp product at a time. Our goal is to make the world's best CBD and hemp products available to every Finn and to offer good experiences using the products.

The experience we have gained since 2014 with uniquely the best hemp products and manufacturing methods has enabled us to have the know-how and networks to continue to be the best CBD products provider.

Satisfied customers confirm that we are successful in matters such as expert service, prompt delivery and quality products. Read customer experiences about CBD oil in product reviews and on the blog.

Any questions left?

Our experts will be happy to help and are always available to you (Finnish / English).

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