CBD Subscription terms

With a CBD subscription, you make sure your favorite CBD products never run out! You can always make changes to changes to your order flexibly and there are no binding deadlines for your order. You can find the general terms and conditions of the subscriptionhere and below is the Quick Guide for the subscription .

This is how a subscription works!

You can easily and quickly place a CBD subscription from the Hamppumaa’s online store. Subscription requires a regular customer account so you can easily make changes to your order.

  1. Find the product you want in our online store
  2. Click on “CBD Subscription”, select the desired order interval and add the order to the cart
  3. You can make other purchases as usual. If you want more products for the same duration order, you can easily do so by repeating steps 1-2 and selecting the same order interval for the products.
  4. Go to checkout and check the contents of your shopping cart. At the checkout, you can see a breakdown of ongoing purchases and possible one-time purchases. If necessary, you can easily change the order you have placed.
  5. Log in to your loyalty account at checkout if you were not already logged in
  6. Choose your delivery and payment method. Future deliveries of subscription will automatically use the delivery and payment methods you select here.
  7. Confirm order
  8. You can edit your subscription under the “My standing order” menu on My Pages.

Once your order is placed, you will receive an order confirmation of your purchase in your email. When the products are shipped from our warehouse, you will receive a delivery confirmation that will allow you to track the progress of your order.

For subscription, we will always send you an email informing you of the delivery 3 days before the products are shipped from our warehouse. You will also receive a confirmation on the same day the products are shipped from our warehouse. If you wish, you can edit the products, the time of your subscription or cancel the subscription until the day before the shipment. You can easily make changes from the e-commerce’s own website under “Subscription”.

Payment methods

You can select a payment method for subscription when ordering from the payment method menu. If you have selected card payment as your payment method, we will suspend your subscription if your debit card fails. If you then want to use your subscription again after the card payment fails, please contact our customer service or create a new subscription.

Delivery for each subscription will be invoiced on the same day the products are shipped from our warehouse. You can see the shipping date on your own page under the “My Pending Order” menu.


Your subscription will be sent automatically in the shipping method you selected in your first order. You can change the delivery method on your own website under the “My Pending Order” menu. There are all the delivery methods we offer to choose from.

All your subscription deliveries will be sent free of charge if the amount of the subscription exceeds the limit of 75 euros.

We always strive to ensure the availability of long-term ordered products. However, if, exceptionally, a product included in a subscription is out of stock on the day of shipment, our customer service will contact you and resolve the situation with you.

Price of the permanently ordered product and product return

The price of a subscription product changes according to the most up-to-date price information. For example, if a product has a promotional price at the time of shipment, the discounted price for your order will automatically update. The price will be stated on each order confirmation you receive before the product is delivered. Hamppumaa reserves the right to change prices. You always have a 14-day return policy on orders, starting from the date the product was delivered. Read more about the right of return in the delivery terms.

Disposable products added to subscription

It is possible to add one-time deliveries to deliveries of subscription. The opportunity to add one-time items always opens four days before the next selected delivery date and you will receive a reminder by e-mail.

Disposable products will normally be invoiced upon delivery of the subscription. The price and product return are subject to the same conditions as for permanently ordered products.

Making changes to your subscription and stopping it

You can make all changes to your subscription from the “My subscription” menu on your own website. You will also find information in the same place as the next order will be delivered. Please note the possible effects of product availability on future delivery times. You can make the following changes to your subscription:

  • Pause the current subscription so that no further shipments are received until you reactivate the subscription
  • Restart the paused pending subscription
  • Postpones the next delivery of your subscription, either earlier or later than planned
  • Changes the delivery time of a subscription
  • Permanently cancel your subscription

Changes must always be made at the latest on the day before shipment. Unfortunately, changes made on the day of shipment will not be time for future delivery.

If you want to change the address for your subscription, you can do so by changing your own Customer information in My Page. Please note that if a subscription has just been created or the change is made on the day of shipment, the changes will not be updated until the next delivery.

You can also request changes to your subscription via email from our customer service. You will receive a confirmation once the desired changes have been made. Please note that this may take some time to reach our customer service and changes may not be made on the same day. If you do not make the changes in time, you can always exercise your right of return and return the product to our warehouse.

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