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Entourage effect and full spectrum of CBD oil explained

The full spectrum of the rainbow, i.e. the full spectrum.


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Wondering what the terms Full Spectrum or Entourage effect mean and how they relate to hemp, CBD oil and CBD products? In this text, we will go through what entourage effect and full spectrum are and how they are formed.


The entourage effect makes CBD oil more efficient


Research has shown that the therapeutic results of cannabis have in some cases been superior to whole herbs. For the synergistic interactions contained in the whole plant, the researchers use the term “Entourage effect”. The combined effect of cannabinoids in cannabis has been found to be broader than that of individual plant molecules, and this means that ingredients other than CBD and THC have a significant effect on the body (1).

Studies have found the same thing that many CBD oils have noticed, or will notice when used for longer. Studies show that interaction-based treatment appears to be more effective in many cases than the use of individual cannabinoids in the treatment of diseases. However, further research is needed for clinical evidence (1).


What does the full spectrum describing the properties of CBD oil mean?


When a “Full Spectrum” is mentioned in a CBD product, it means that the product is prepared in such a way that it contains all the active compounds of the plant. The full spectrum indicates that the product enables entourage effect.


Where does the full spectrum of CBD oil really come from?


The full spectrum is created when the CBD oil or product contains all the compounds naturally present in hemp. These compounds include all 120 cannabinoids as well as all 445 other compounds identified in hemp (2). Of course, not all compounds are present in all hemp plants, or more precisely in phenotypes, at least based on current analytical methods. But getting the full spectrum really into CBD requires more than what could be inferred from the CBD oils on the market.

When CBD oil is heated, active ingredients such as terpenes and flavonoids are often lost. As a result of the heating process, some of the cannabinoids also decarboxylate. In raw hemp, cannabinoids first appear as cannabinoid acids, from which cannabinoids are synthesized (3). Cannabinoids and other hemp compounds also have their boiling and conversion points. The CBD oils most commonly on the market are not really full-spectrum products and cannot be determined by cannabinoid analysis alone.


Why can’t full spectrum be determined from cannabinoid analysis?


It is not possible to determine that cannabinoids can be combined with CBD oil from CBD extracts of different strengths and strengths. In this case, the cannabinoid analysis shows more other cannabinoids, such as CBD-A. Sure, combining gives broad spectrum CBD oil, but they don’t have the full spectrum effect. As long as there are no clear standards in the industry, vendors will talk about their CBD oils in full spectrum.

And it is certainly not false to say that CBD oil is in full spectrum. After all, it is, above all, a new growing field, as well as things that are currently being studied and of which there is a growing understanding. However, it can be agreed with those skilled in the art that the full spectrum is indeed obtained by raw extraction.


Raw extraction is the secret of the real full spectrum


Raw extraction, i.e. extraction at subtle temperatures, allows the true full spectrum. The secret of the full spectrum is that CBD oil is not extracted at too high temperatures because then the subtle compounds in the plant begin to transform and decompose. Raw extraction requires skill and the right temperatures.

The right full spectrum is also achieved by freeze-drying, ie again at low temperatures. The oil called a full-spectrum CBD oil, which is clear in composition, i.e. it has undergone filtration in the extraction process, no longer contains vegetable waxes and, for example, leafy green, and is thus not a crude CBD oil. However, it is perfectly acceptable for a full spectrum CBD oil when THC has not been removed.

Raw CBD oil contains leafy green as well as vegetable waxes, and therefore has a stronger taste and a more colorful composition. Just like the Natural CBD oils available from us.

The full spectrum of colors in a circle depicting the spectrum of active ingredients in CBD.

The full spectrum of colors describes the full spectrum of active ingredients in CBD oil.

How to identify a CBD oil that really has a full spectrum


Actually, the full spectrum in CBD oil is shown by three things. Does CBD oil contain THC? Is CBD oil clear? Does CBD oil also contain CBDA?

There is no concern that the full spectrum contains THC. The CBD oils on the market are made from hemp plants that have been refined to contain naturally low, almost non-existent amounts of THC (less than 0.2-0.3%). Are they practically non-existent? Possibly, but because most users of CBD oil, and especially we in Hamppumaa, find full-spectrum CBD oil significantly more effective than for example broad-spectrum CBD oil.


Is there THC in the full spectrum CBD oil?


Yes, the real full spectrum CBD oil has THC. A CBD oil that does not have a full spectrum is called a broad spectrum oil. A wide range of CBD oils are made to be THC-free, as some consumers are concerned if the product may contain THC.

However, small amounts of THC do not need to be a concern at all unless there is a need to be 100% sure that THC is not visible in doping tests or drug tests. Although the amount of THC ingested from CBD oil in these tests is unlikely to cause the appearance of THC in the blood or urine.

Even in ordinary hemp oil, i.e. hemp seed oil and hemp protein, there are small amounts of THC contamination. So there is no reason to worry that CBD oil contains small amounts of THC.

In its report, EIHA, the European hemp industry association, has stated that a THC content of 0.3% is completely safe in hemp products. The European Commission has also approved raising the THC limit to 0.3%.


Is clear CBD oil really full spectrum CBD oil?


Yes and no. Indeed, a clear CBD oil can be a full-spectrum CBD oil without THC being removed, which is, however, an unofficially accepted definition for the full spectrum.

Can the full spectrum be more complete in less clear CBD oil? Yes, definitely because only then can it be seen from the oil itself that the CBD oil has not been heated during extraction and then has not filtered out of plant waxes and leafy greens, as well as other important compounds such as flavonoids.


Does the full spectrum CBD oil also contain CBDA?


Yes, the right full spectrum CBD oil contains CBDA. Often in different proportions, but significantly more than the heat-treated, clear or near-clear CBD oil, which is predominantly CBD. Of our full-spectrum CBD oils, CBD oils, called ACTIVATED, are subtly heated oils that are thus clear and no longer contain much CBDA.


Where can you order real full spectrum CBD oil?


You can find them from us, of course! In our online store, you will find unique CBD oils extracted on the market with a supercritical CO2 extraction method. You will recognize our raw CBD oil under the name NATURAL.

We have three different and 4 different strengths of Natural CBD oils. We value the natural essence of hemp the most and that is why we want to get it from our CBD oil as well. You will also find Natural CBD oil in combination with other functional herbs such as, turmericand ashwagandha.

Of the CBD oil extraction methods, supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction is one of the best methods for raw extraction. It allows the end product to retain the full range of interactions and the product itself is 100% food grade and safe.

CBD oil drops and hemp leaf.

The entourage effect is the combination of other natural hemp ingredients.

What distinguishes full spectrum and broad spectrum products?


The term “Full Spectrum” is used in products when it contains all cannabinoids and other active ingredients of the plant. These terms are sometimes misleadingly used in products on the market, even if they are something else. Some CBD oils are produced by heating, but substances lost in the process, such as terpenes, may be added to them later.

Where an original active ingredient of a plant is missing or has changed shape, the product should be referred to by another name, such as “broad spectrum”. It is not possible to talk about interactions for individual cannabinoid molecules. For example, a CBD isolate is an almost pure CBD crystal with no other active ingredients.


There are differences in hemp varieties and concentrations


Hemp varieties play a major role in the types of CBD oils they produce. The cannabinoid and terpene and flavonoid contents of different varieties vary greatly, so in many cases the decisive factor is the variety or varieties from which the products are made. When CBD oil is produced using several different varieties of hemp, the end product is likely to contain more of the plant’s active ingredients than using just one variety.


How to choose a safe full spectrum CBD product?


Always check that third-party analyzes of purity and levels of cannabinoids are available for the products. This way you can be more confident about what the product contains and you don’t have to rely solely on marketing speeches.

You can find third-party analysis and high-quality interaction CBD oils and CBD products in our online store.




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