CBD candies (lozenges)


  • Suckable CBD candies, each containing approx. 4 mg of cannabinoids
  • There is a total of 200 mg of cannabinoids in the jar
  • Authentic strawberry and raspberry flavor
  • Raw extracted from hand-picked hemp crops
  • Vegan
  • 100% natural product
  • Researched quality
  • Manufactured under strict quality control

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Hemp-sucked CBD candies contain cannabinoids and cannabinoid acids in a berry flavor. Low sugar.

Unique CBD Candies (Lozenges) are made from carefully hand-picked non-intoxicating hemp variety.

The package contains about 40 candies and each of them is made separately by hand. One candy contains about 4-5 mg of raw extracted cannabinoids ( CBD , CBDA , CBG , CBGA, CBN , CBC ). One jar contains a total of 200 mg of cannabinoids.

CBD candies are made from three carefully selected hemp varieties Futura 75, Santhica and Fedora.

Hamppumaa's top quality CBD candies are laboratory tested to guarantee the best quality and safety .

Berry-flavored CBD candies are handcrafted under strict quality control.

Isomalt, which belongs to sugar alcohols and is used as a sugar substitute, has been chosen as the main sweetener for CBD candies. Isomalt differs from regular sugar in that it does not affect blood sugar levels in the same way. Isomalt is also not as harmful to teeth as traditional sugar.

Gluten free | Lactose-free | Low sugar | Vegan | Natural

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1-4 candies per day if necessary.


Store in a dry and cool place, protected from sunlight. At room temperature.


Isomalt, natural berry aroma, natural beetroot color, cannabis sativa (full spectrum), freeze-dried lemon fruit powder, unrefined organic brown cane sugar, organic hemp seed oil.

Hemp varietes

Futura 75, Santhica and Fedora.



You can find a detailed analysis of the cannabinoid profile of CBD candies in the product images.


A plastic jar that protects from light and helps preserve the contents. One jar contains about 40-50 candies.

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Questions and answers about CBDa and CBD in general

What is CBDa?
What are cannabinoids?
  • Cannabinoids are a group of compounds originally found in hemp, but they refer to all compounds associated with endocannabinoid system (Z. Fisar. 2009; AC. Howlett et al. 2002; DM. Lambert et al. 2005). These include phytocannabinoids, ie external cannabinoids, endocannabinoids, i.e. internal cannabinoids, and synthetic laboratory produced cannabinoids. More than a hundred different types of external cannabinoids have been found in hemp. In total, hemp contains about 489 different compounds (N. Happyana et al. 2013).
Is CBDa the same thing as CBD?
  • CBDa (cannabidiol acid) is a precursor to CBD (cannabidiol) as it is in fresh hemp.
What is CBD oil?
  • CBD oil is not intoxicating at all because it is usually made from industrial fiber or oil hemp varieties containing less than 0.2% THC, which produce more CBD and other cannabinoids than THC.

  • CBD oil is a mixture of cannabinoid-rich hemp extract and a carrier oil (such as MCT oil from coconut)
  • The cannabinoid-rich extract is mixed with various vegetable fats that act as a carrier for the active ingredients to facilitate dosing and absorption.
  • CBD oil is sold in pipette bottles that facilitate the taking of suitable dosage sizes and is used 1-12 drops at a time depending on the intended use.


How are CBD oils different?
  • There are differences in the strengths of CBD oils. CBD concentrations are generally described as either percentages or milligrams.


Can an expired CBDa Tincture or other CBD product be used?
  • Yes you can.
  • CBDa Tincture is an alcoholic extract (plant glycerol) where nothing gets spoiled. The active compounds have taken longer to extract, so over time the product is likely to become even stronger.
  • CBD products have a long shelf life. Sana CBDa products are mostly dry products and packaged excellently so that the contents of the unopened product are not spoiled.
  • CBD and other cannabinoids change their shape over time and heat, i.e. CBDa becomes CBD. Meaning that CBDa hemp juice products contain more CBD over time.
Is CBD safe for pets?
Can CBD products have intoxicating effects??
  • Products made from CBD and CBDa have no intoxicating effects at all. The main intoxicating compound in hemp and medical cannabis is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).
  • CBDa products are made from industrial useful hemp that does not contain narcotic amounts of THC (always below the EU approved 0.2% limit).
  • THC is only found in varieties specially bred for medicinal cannabis.


How much CBD can I give my dog?
  • There is as yet no official standard for the administration of CBD to dogs or pets.
  • Although your dog’s weight will not always correlate with how much CBD is needed, it is a good starting point for determining the appropriate dose.
  • We recommend starting with the lowest dose of 1 mg CBD for every 5 pounds of body weight.
  • Sometimes conditions require higher doses of CBD. If your dog’s condition is more severe, you may want to consider a higher dose such as 2-5 mg CBD / 5 kg body weight once or several times a day. Read more about dosing from here .
  • Determining the correct dose of CBD for your dog may take some time and require monitoring. Always consider the weight and condition of your dog, and get your CBD product from a reliable vendor.
  • These instructions are not an official recommendation, so we recommend that you contact your veterinarian before use to confirm this.

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