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Four ways to choose the best CBD oil and CBD product

Four ways to choose the best CBD oil and CBD product


At fairs and presentations, the most common questions about CBD products are: Which of these would be the best CBD product for me? So it’s time to tackle the question on the blog too! We will tell you four ways to choose the best CBD oil or the best CBD product. CBD or CBDA? Read more about the difference between cannabinoids and cannabinoid acids.



Precise and comprehensive well-being with the help of CBD



We always start by asking about the needs of the life situation. People have different symptoms for which they seek help from our products, the effectiveness of which is based on the endocannabinoid system . Sana-hemp product family the products can cover very different needs both in crises and in everyday well-being. The choice of a CBD product is also influenced by the preference for the composition of the dietary supplement and how one wants to consume the dietary supplement.

For some, it is easier to take CBD capsules, while others like to mix CBD products with a smoothie or, for example, coffee. Tincture and CBD oil can be dripped directly into the mouth or added for food and drinks to your own taste. In this case, the chemical composition of the product can also change to the desired form (CBDA> CBD) before consuming it. Lozenges, on the other hand, are a neat and easy way to boost the endocannabinoid system “on the go”.


Figure 1. CBD decarboxylation


1. How is the CBD product absorbed?


CBD capsules, taken first thing in the morning, reach the intestines and the cannabinoid receptors located there. CBD capsules can be swallowed as they are or open and mix with drink/food. The capsules are absorbed through the intestines, reaching the middle body area, and acting through the endocannabinoid receptors located there, supporting lasting well-being.

CBD oils, CBD tinctures and CBD lozenges are absorbed through the mucous membranes of the mouth directly into the bloodstream and reach the endocannabinoid receptors in the head area quickly. The receptors in the head area have a positive effect on the whole being. Through the blood circulation, the products are effectively transported throughout the body and where help is most needed.


Figure 2. The internal cannabinoid system and cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2.


2. What are your body and mind needs?


Cannabis Sativa oils are the most popular products for the needs of the body and mind in crisis, as well as a clear deficiency state of the endocannabinoid system .

We recommend starting with a powerful combo that includes CBD capsules and Activated CBD oil. Capsules in the morning to nourish the body and mind and oil in the evening for a restful sleep. This combination goes a long way!

Mind-body messages start in the gut. The gut is ours cradle of health, which contains as much intelligence as a cat’s brain. Most of the receptors that need cannabinoids such as CBD / CBDA are located in the intestines. If you need support for gut health , CBD capsules are probably the best CBD option for you.

If you have already tried our products and need stronger CBD oils (10% and 20%) to maintain your endocannabinoid system .

Four ways to choose the most suitable CBDA product. The endocannabinoid system.

The internal cannabinoid system. CB1 and CB2 receptors


3. What is the best way for you to remember to take CBD?


No product is effective left in a jar. So what is the best and easiest way for you to remember to take CBD oil / CBD products?

When you need easy and accurate dosing, CBD Capsules are your solution. The fat in the capsules improves the absorption of cannabinoids many times over.

Is your morning tea or smoothie the basis of your day? Then you can add CBD oil or CBD products to breakfast. The best of CBD oils the choice is Natural CBDA / CBD oil , because based on experiences and feedback, it is not perceived as tiring.

In a mobile life situation, the product’s small size and portability are convenient. Small-sized CBD oils and CBD capsules slip easily into handbags and backpacks.

The best way to take a CBD product regularly is to combine the consumption of the products with your daily routine – such as taking CBD oil with an evening snack or consuming it after lunch.


4. Do you need a very precise dosage of CBD?


Different bodies have different needs and sensitivities. For others, a few drops are enough and someone else feels that they need twenty drops to get the desired effects . This is influenced by e.g. the person’s size, age, metabolism and life situation. When talking about animals and children, the dosage is particularly accurate.

Encapsulated products can be precisely dosed, as can ingestible CBD products. For animals, we recommend using CBD oil that can be easily mixed with food, for example. Dosing should start with one drop. Read more in the article how much CBD can be given to animals .

Sometimes it is difficult to see the number of drops if you drop it directly into your mouth. You can refine the dosage of the tincture and CBD oil by first dropping it on a spoon or even on the back of your hand. This way you can see and count the drops. Differences of a few drops are not dangerous for an adult, but if you want to be particularly careful, you can drop the product in front of a mirror, for example.

For all our products, you can find the recommended daily dose and more detailed instructions in the product information. There have been no reports of overdoses, but with large amounts the body’s state of alertness has been perceived to decrease.

Ordering CBD Oil. We hope that you will find the right product for you with these instructions in our online store !

Four ways to choose the best CBD product

Order CBD products and CBD oil for pets here .



CBD cosmetics

CBD cosmetics

CBD cosmetics have been studied to have a positive effect on the well-being of the skin. CBD is approved for cosmetic ingredients and listed in the EU CosIng database. Cannabidiol , or CBD, is therefore approved for use as a cosmetic ingredient.

Skin care and natural cosmetics products containing CBD are growing at a fast pace. Indeed, CBD has several official health claims. In this article you will find more information about the benefits of CBD cosmetics.


You should take good care of your skin


It is easy to think of the skin as just a shell that holds the human body together, but in reality it is much more. The skin is the body’s largest organ, which regenerates quickly and is also able to take care of itself very well. The skin is a living, breathing entity whose health should be taken care of! CBD products make it easier.


Natural cosmetics


The best way to care for the skin is to choose natural cosmetics that care for the skin and support its natural properties. Healthy skin takes care of and heals itself. The skin is a sensitive entity whose task is to protect the body, e.g. from impacts, extreme temperatures, chemicals, harmful microbes and cell damage. The skin also functions as a means of metabolism and as a producer of vitamin D. The skin is an organ whose function is easily disturbed, e.g. from stress and the effect of chemicals.

High-quality CBD natural cosmetics that support the skin’s natural function consist of only a few ingredients, CBD oil or CBD extract and a well-absorbing carrier oil. In addition to these, other natural skin-care ingredients have also been added to some of the CBD cosmetic products.


Endocannabinoids are also present on the skin


The endocannabinoid system participates in the skin, e.g. for cell growth, regeneration and specialization, regeneration and formation of the skin barrier, and immunological and inflammatory processes (1). Endocannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors have been detected in different layers of the skin, except for the outermost layer. Also on the skin, the endocannabinoid system acts as a monitor and balancer between different functions.


CBD helps with skin problems (psoriasis, eczema and acne)


CBD is an ingredient in cosmetics that has not been researched yet, but has a very promising effect. It has been studied and used with good results for various, even challenging chronic skin conditions such as psoriasis (2), eczema (3,4) and acne (1,3). Natural cosmetics containing CBD have the same skin care benefits as CBD in general; it is soothing, balancing, nurturing and well tolerated. It is suitable for different skin types.

On Internet discussion boards and product reviews of different manufacturers, you can find countless experiences of the positive effects of CBD on dry skin and such common skin problems as psoriasis , acne, atopic dermatitis and eczema. Many report that they quickly got great relief from CBD products.


What is the effect of CBD cosmetics based on?


CBD’s effect on the skin is based on the same principles as it works elsewhere in the body. CBD responds to cannabinoid receptors, which have also been found in the two lower layers of the skin. With the help of a suitable carrier oil, CBD cosmetics are slowly absorbed through the skin directly into the bloodstream, from where it travels not only to the skin but also to all the body’s CBD receptors (1). Due to its anti-inflammatory (1,3,5) and sebaceous (3) properties, using CBD in cosmetics is an excellent idea.

In addition to phytocannabinoids , terpenes , minerals and trace elements, CBD oil also contains phytonutrients, which have been found to be of great importance when it comes to the well-being of the skin. Phytonutrients e.g. prevent infections caused by viruses and bacteria and have been found to have antioxidant effects.

Most troublesome skin symptoms such as atopy, eczema, psoriasis and aging-related challenges are usually symptoms caused by inflammation and stress in the body and skin. CBD oil in cosmetics gets to the root cause of the problem comprehensively and locally.


CBD is the best natural cosmetics.

CBD oil is the best natural cosmetics for skin care.


Absorption of CBD


Recently, the absorption of CBD through the skin, transdermally, has been studied, and it seems that hydrophonic CBD oil would be well absorbed into the bloodstream when administered directly to the skin. The challenge is to transport the water-repellent CBD through the water barrier of the skin, and the choice of the right carrier oil plays a significant role. (1)

In CBD cosmetics, the CBD concentrations are quite low, usually approx. 1% of the dry weight of the product, so the daily dose of CBD will hardly be fulfilled through the cosmetics on the foreign market. However, even a small amount of CBD has a positive effect on the whole body.


The use of CBD oil on the skin and in cosmetics is also suitable for the mouth


Using CBD oil in cosmetics is easy. You add a few drops as is to the skin and apply, or mix 1:100 with other cosmetics. Note that you only need a very small amount, because the water-repellent CBD needs to get through the skin’s water barrier.

You shouldn’t put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t put in your mouth, so CBD oil that is labeled as non-toxic can usually also be put in your mouth, so you get the good effects of CBD oil internally.


Final canet


CBD cosmetics, when studied even with small samples, are quite promising and perhaps a revolutionizing product group for skin care in the future. In Europe, the manufacture, sale and use of CBD cosmetics is permitted. High-quality CBD-containing natural cosmetics have already been used and studied enough around the world that it can be said to be a gently effective skin care product for even difficult skin conditions .




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Use of CBD oil in cooking – CBD edibles and production

Use of CBD oil in cooking – CBD edibles and production

Olet ehkä kuullut CBD-syötävistä (edible)? CBD-öljyn käyttö ruoanlaitossa kiinnostaa, mutta tahdot olla varma, ettei arvokasta CBD-öljyä mene hukkaan? CBD-öljyn lisääminen ruokaan ja juomaan on kätevä tapa saada tarvitsemansa kannabinoidit / CBD-annos elimistön hyödyksi.

Tämän oppaan avulla tiedät miksi CBD-öljyä on hyvä lisätä ruokaan ja juomaan, sekä sen miten teet tämän toimivasti ja ilman virheitä.

Artikkelin lopussa on YouTubevideo CBD-öljyn ja -tuotteiden käytöstä sellaisenaan ja ruoanvalmistuksessa. Videolla Hamppumaan perustaja Hamppu-Jaakko esittelee muidenkin hampputuotteiden käyttöä. Video alkaa suoraan kohdasta, jossa esitellään CBD-öljyn ja CBD-A-hamppumehutuotteiden käyttöä.

Tervetuloa oppimaan CBD-ruokien ja -juomien valmistusta! 💚


Miksi CBD-öljyä kannattaa lisätä ruokaan ja juomaan?


CBD ja kaikki muutkin kannabinoidit ovat rasvaliukoisia yhdisteitä. CBD muodostaa siis rasvan kanssa helposti siteen, joka parantaa sen imeytymiskykyä. Tämän vuoksi CBD-öljyt ovatkin suosituin ja yksi tehokkaimmista tavoista hyödyntää CBD:tä. Pelkästään rasvaliukoisuus on jo hyvä syy lisätä CBD-öljyä ruokaan ja juomaan.

Monet myös mieltävät CBD-öljyn annostelun kielen alle / kielelle epämiellyttävälle, tai kenties raa’an CBD-öljyn maku ei miellytä. Useimmiten ongelma uusien hyvien tapojen omaksumisessa on silkka unohtaminen, johon paras keino on yksinkertaisesti ympäristön muokkaaminen, eli pidä CBD-öljy näkyvillä.

Oli syy mikä tahansa, niin ratkaisu on yksinkertainen. CBD-öljyn nauttiminen on helppoa ja kätevää kun lisäät sen ruokaan ja/tai juomaan. CBD-öljyn ja muiden hampputuotteiden lisääminen erilaisiin ruokiin tekee niistä ravintorikkaita ja herkullisia, sekä tehostaa CBD:n annostelua.


CBD-öljyn käytön hyödyt ruoanlaitossa:


  • Helppo ja nopea
  • Pitkäkestoisemmat vaikutukset
  • Peittää CBD-öljyn luontaisen maun
  • Parempi imeytyminen ruoan kanssa
  • CBD-öljyn vaikutusten saaminen syvemmälle vatsalaukkuun ja suolistoon
  • Vieraiden yllättäminen ja tervehdyttäminen
  • Erinomainen lisä sellaisenaan salaattiin, smoothieen ja muihin tuoreisiin herkkuihin


CBD-öljyn käytön haitat ja haasteet ruoanlaitossa:


  • Viivästyneet vaikutukset (vaikutukset alkavat n. 30-50 min kuluttua)
  • Tarkan annostelu vaikeampaa (riippuen reseptistä, sellaisenaan lisättynä saa tarkan määrän, mutta vaikutukset voi olla eri kuin kielen alle annosteltuna)
  • Toimii parhaiten hyviä rasvoja sisältävissä resepteissä
  • HUOM! CBD-öljyä ei kannata lämmittää suoraan


Miten käyttää CBD-öljyä ruoanlaitossa?


Voit lisätä CBD-öljyä sellaisenaan ruokien ja juomien sekaan, kunhan ruoassa tai juomassa on rasvaa.

Mikäli rasvaa ei ole, niin voit esimerkiksi lisätä 1 teelusikallisen voita sulamaan esim perunoiden päälle ja tiputtaa CBD-öljytipat sulaneen voin sekaan, tai sitten lisäät voin kahvin sekaan ja CBD-öljyä perään, jolloin saat upgraded rasvakahvin.


CBD-öljy CBD-juoman valmistuksessa


CBD-juomien valmistus on helppoa kunhan juomassa on CBD-öljytippojen lisäksi hyvää rasvaa. Lisätty rasva varmistaa, että CBD-öljyä ei mene hukkaan.


Kylmät CBD-juomat



CBD:n lisääminen smoothien on helppoa ja tarkkaa annostelua, jossa hyötynä on että et menetä tippakaan kallisarvoista CBD:tä.

Annostele halutut kuiva-aineet tehosekoittimeen ja lopuksi nesteet ja CBD-annos. Kuivat ensin siksi, että jos vaikka suolaa lorahtaa liikaa, niin saat vielä pelastettua smoothiesi. Muista lisätä CBD-öljyn lisäksi hyvää rasvaa, esim hampunsiemenöljyä, jotta saat smoohtien rasvaliukoiset vitamiinit ja CBD:n imeytymään vatsalaukustasi verenkiertoon.


Kuumat CBD-juomat


Huom! Älä lisää CBD:tä suoraan kiehuvan kuumaan juomaan. Anna jäähtyä hetki, niin et menetä yhtään kallisarvoista CBD:tä.


CBD-kahvi tai CBD-rasvakahvi

Keitä kahvi mieleisellä tavalla ja lisää käyttämäsi lisukkeet, kuten maito. Lisää lopuksi nokare voita, MCT-öljyä tai neitsytkookosöljyä (n. 1tl), sekä tahtomasi CBD-annos. Nauti kahvisi ja huomaa, kuinka lisätty rasva tasapainottaa kofeiinin vaikutuksia pidempikestoiseksi ja miellyttävämmäksi, kuin ilman.

Huomaa myös, että kofeiini vaikuttaa CBD:n ja muiden kannabinodien kanssa samojen reseptorien kautta. Tämän seurauksena kannabinoidit ja kofeiini osittain tehostavat ja osittain estävät toistensa vaikutuksia. (1)



CBD-tee sopii parhaiten iltaiseksi rutiiniksi, jolla tukea palauttavaa syvän unen saantia. Käytä mielestä kofeiinitonta teetä ja lisää joukkoon hyvää rasvaa, sekä tarvitsemasi annos CBD-öljyä. Hyviä rasvoja teen sekaan on erityisesti mauttomat MCT-öljy tai mauton neitsytkookosöljy.

Hyviä rauhoittavia ja unen saantia helpottavia teelaatuja on kamomilla tee ja uniteet. Huomaa, että juotuna CBD alkaa vaikuttamaan n. 30-50 min kuluttua, joten jos tarvitsee saada CBD.n rentouttavat ja rauhoittavat vaikutukset nopeammin, voit teehen lisäämisen lisäksi ottaa CBD-tippoja kielen alle, jolloin vaikutus alkaa jo n. 10-15 min kuluttua.




Aivan kuten juomien kanssa, CBD-öljyä on helppo lisätä suoraan ruoan sekaan. Mieluiten ruoan jossa on runsaasti hyviä rasvoja.


Lämpimät CBD-ruoat


Valmista haluamasi ruoka ja lisää tarvitsemasi CBD-annos suoraan lautasella olevan ruoan päälle.

Toinen hyvä tapa valmistaa lämpimiä ruokia CBD-öljystä on lisätä CBD-öljyä kastikkeeseen. Muista lisätä CBD-öljytipat vasta kun olet nostanut kastikkeen hellalta, kun se ei enää kiehu.

Kastikkeen annostelussa kannatta ottaa huomioon kenelle kaikille CBD:tä haluat annostella. Jos vain osalle porukasta, niin lisää CBD-öljyä kastikkeeseen vasta lautasella. Mikäli jokainen syöjä tahtoo CBD:tä, niin annostele kastikkeseeseen CBD-öljyä niin paljon kuin tahdot per henkilö CBD:tä tarjoilla.

Esim. 4 henkilön kastike ja jokaiselle 25 mg CBD-annos. Lisää tällöin 100 mg CBD:tä. 5%:sen CBD-öljyn kohdalla tämä tarkoittaa 40 tippaa, eli kaksi kertaa pipetin ylemmän mitta-asteikon (.50 ml) verran.

Älä missään nimessä paista CBD-öljyllä. Paistaessa menetä pannulle jäävän CBD:n ja yli 160°C-asteen lämpötilassa CBD alkaa haihtumaan.





Leipominen on herkullinen tapa hyödyntää CBD-öljyä ruoanlaitossa. CBD-leivosten valmistuksessa on syytä yrittää pitää paistolämpötila alle 160°C-asteessa, tai CBD alkaa hajoamaan. 170°C-asteen lämpötilakin vielä käy, sillä itse leivoksen lämpötila ei nouse 170°C-asteeseen.

Leipominen mahdollistaa CBD:n tarkan annostelun. Valmistat vain halutun määrän leivoksia, esim CBD-kaurakeksejä. Jakolaskulla saat selville kuinka monta milligrammaa CBD:tä yksi kaurakeksi sisältää, kunhan pidät huolen, että olet laskenut taikinaan lisäämäsi CBD-öljyn määrän.

Esim. 5%:sta CBD-öljyä lisäät taikinaan 5 x .50ml (ylempi lukema pipettissä). Tämä tekee 5 x 20 tippaa. 5%:ssa CBD-öljytipassa on 2,5mg CBD:tä, eli 2,5mg x 20 x 5 tekee 250 mg CBD:tä.

250mg CBD:tä ja jos teet 10 kappaletta CBD-kaurakeksiä, niin silloin yhdestä keksistä saat 25 mg CBD:tä.


Kylmät CBD-ruoat




Miksi et lisäisi CBD-öljyä suoraan salaatin sekaan? Tämä helppo ja nopea tapa valmistaa CBD-pitoista ruokaa. Pidät vain huolen, että lisäät jotain muutakin hyvää rasvaa salaatin kastikkeeksi ja että käsilläsi on lautasen tyhennettyä palanen leipää, jonka avulla siivoat CBD-öljyjäämät parempiin suihin ennen lautasen laittamista tiskiin.


CBD-mysli ja muut CBD-välipalat


CBD-öljyn lisääminen ruokaan ei tarvitse olla monimutkaista ja vaikeaa. CBD sopii mihin vain lempi välipalaasi esim. myslin sekaan. Lisäät vain CBD-öljytippoja tarvitsemasi määrän suoraan välipalasi joukkoon.

CBD-mysli johon lisätään myös jogurttia ei tarvitse välttämättä erikseen lisättyä hyvää rasvaa, sillä jogurtissa on jo rasvaa. Tärkeintä on siis muistaa, että CBD-öljyssä olevan vähäisen rasva määrän lisäksi ruoassa on hyvä olla rasvaa vähintään 1tl – 1 rkl henkilöä kohden.



CBD-jälkiruoka ja CBD-karkki


CBD-öljyä voi lisätä tietenkin myös CBD-jälkiruokien sekaan. CBD-karkkeja saa valmiina, mutta niitä voi myös valmistaa itse. Lisäät käyttämääsi reseptiin vain sopivan annoksen CBD-öljyä.

CBD-öljyä voit yksinkertaisesti lisätä vaikka jäätelön sekaan. Lisäksi jäätelö sisältää rasvaa, joten sinun ei sitä tarvitse siihen erikseen lisätä.


Muista välttää CBD-öljyn suoraa lämmittämistä


Kerroimme tämän jo, mutta kertaus on opintojen äiti. Vältä CBD-öljyn suoraa lämmittämistä kaikin keinoin. Liian kuumat, yli 160°C-asteen lämpötilat hajoittavat CBD-molekyylejä jolloin CBD:n teho laimenee.

Lisää siis CBD-öljyä lämpimien ruokien vasta lopuksi, kun ruoka on jäähtymässä tai tarjoiltu lautaselle.


Muista lisätä CBD-öljyn lisäksi hyviä rasvoja


CBD on hydrofobinen yhdiste, eli vettä hylkivä. Rasvojen kanssa CBD sen sijaan muodostaa helposti siteen. Lisätty rasva siis parantaa CBD-öljyn imeyvytyyttä ruoanlaitossa. Terveyden ja hyvinvoinnin kannalta järkevintä on käyttää hyviä rasvoja.


Muista käyttää laadukasta kolmannen osapuolen analysoimaa CBD-öljyä


CBD-öljyn uuttaminen hampusta vaatii hienoa teknologiaa. Ilman tätä ja riittävää ammattiaitoa ei ole mitään takeita siitä minkälaisia kemikaaleja tai ainejäämiä lopputuote sisältää. Muista siis varmistaa, että ruoanlaitossa käyttämäsi CBD-öljy on luotettavan valmistajan puolueettomasti testattu tuote. Kolmannen osapuolen analysoimat tuotteista voit turvallisesti valmistaa lempiruokiasi CBD-öljyllä höystettynä.


Kuinka paljon CBD-öljyä tulisi lisätä ruoanlaitossa?


Mikäli CBD-öljyn käyttö ruoanlaitossa on uutta, on parasta pysyä totutuissa ja hyväksi havaituissa annoksissa. Lisää siis sama määrä ruokasi sekaan, kuin olet aikaisemmin ottanut. Apua sinulle sopivan CBD-annoksen määrittämiseen löydät täydellisestä CBD-öljyn annostusoppaasta.

Ruoan ja juoman seassa nautittu CBD-öljy kulkee ensin ruoansulatuselimistön kautta, mikä tarkoittaa kielen alle annostellun öljyyn verrattuna hitaampia vaikutuksia. Positiivista ruoan ja juoman seassa syötynä on, että tällä keinolla annostellun CBD:n vaikutukset kestävät pidempään.

Aloittelijoiden yleisin virhe on lisätä enemmän ja enemmän CBD-öljyä ruoan tai juoman sekaan vaikutusten antaessa odottaa itseään. Ruoan tai juomaan sekoitettu CBD:n voi odottaa toimivan n. 30-50 minuutin kuluttua nauttimisesta.




Opettele rauhassa CBD-öljyn käyttöä ruoanlaitossa ja nosta tai laske annosta tarpeesi mukaan, kun olet oppinut käyttämään CBD-öljyä ruokien ja juomien valmistuksessa.

Muista lisätä hyviä rasvoja ruokien ja juomien sekaan. Älä kuumenna itse CBD-öljyä ja käytä vain laadukkaita kolmannen osapuolen testaamia CBD-öljyjä.

Pidä hauskaa, nauti ja voi hyvin. 🌱💚




  1. Rossi S. and others. 2008. Caffeine drinking potentiates cannabinoid transmission in the striatum: interaction with stress effects. Viitattu 9.2.2022.
How much CBD can be given to a dog?

How much CBD can be given to a dog?

In the same way as humans, dogs and other mammals have numerous in their bodies cannabinoids maintaining receptive receptors and maintaining body balance endocannabinoid system , which is responsible for vital tasks. On this page you will find information on how much CBD can be given to a dog. Although this instruction is made for dogs, it can also be applied to other pets (mammals).


How much CBD can be given to a dog?


There is still no official standard for dosing CBD for a dog or pet. The appropriate dosage also depends on a number of different factors, such as your dog’s weight, condition, and the CBD product you choose and its strength. For safety reasons, we always recommend starting with a small dose of 1 mg CBD for every five (5) kilograms of body weight, or 1 mg / 11 pounds.


What factors determine the correct dose of CBD oil for dogs?


The three most important factors that affect how much CBD you can give your dog are the size of your dog, what condition or symptom of the dog you are trying to treat, and what kind of CBD product you are giving to your dog.


Does the size and condition of the dog affect the dosage?

Although your dog’s weight will not always correlate with how much CBD is needed, it is a good starting point for determining the appropriate dose. We therefore always recommend starting with the lowest dose of 1 mg CBD for every 5 kg (11 pounds) of body weight. Sometimes, however, conditions require higher doses of CBD. If your dog’s condition is more severe, you may consider a higher dose such as 2-5 mg CBD / 5 kg (11 pounds) body weight once or several times a day as needed.

See the table below for the recommended CBD dose by weight.

Weight (kg)Amount of CBD (mg)
5 kg1 mg
5 – 11 kg1 – 3 mg
11 – 22 kg3 – 5 mg
22 – 34 kg5 – 8 mg
34 – 45 kg8 – 16 mg
45 – 68 kg16 – 33 mg
68+ kg33 mg
This instruction is not an official recommendation, so we recommend contacting your veterinarian before starting use


What is the right CBD product for a dog/pet?


In addition to CBD oils and tinctures mainly intended for humans, there are CBD products of different strengths intended for dogs and other household pets on the market. Dog CBD products most often contain fish oil or another flavoring ingredient designed to make the product easier to taste and dispense. CBD products for human use can also be given to a dog if the products do not contain ingredients that are not suitable for the dog. So always check the ingredient list of the product carefully before giving it to your pet!

In addition to the strength of a CBD product, some products, such as CBD dog treats, may be absorbed more slowly than CBD oil or tincture, in which case you may need to give your dog a slightly higher dose to achieve the same effect.

If you plan to use CBD oil to care for your dog, you will often find clear instructions in the product on how many drops contain the desired amount of CBD.

For example, if a 5% CBD oil bottle contains 200 drops and contains a total of 500 mg of CBD, then one drop contains about 2.5 mg of CBD. If you wish, you can mix one drop with the food and, if necessary, divide it into several more portions, so that you can start using it with the lowest possible dosage.

Once you notice the results you want in your dog, such as calmer behavior, you can continue with the same dosage. However, if you do not notice a large change after several days, you can increase the dose slowly and gradually until you see the desired effects.


Can I give my dog too much CBD?


There have been many studies on CBD showing that CBD is well tolerated, even at very high doses and reasonable doses there is virtually no risk of overdose. However, we recommend that you consult a qualified veterinarian before use.

When you buy CBD products for your dog, always check with the seller, its quality and that it really contains CBD. Although CBD products are not intoxicating, they may still contain very small amounts of THC. Remember that legally CBD oil products must contain no more than 0.2% THC, which is well below the amount needed to produce psychoactive, ie intoxicating, effects.




Determining and testing the correct dose of CBD for your dog may take some time and require monitoring. Always take your dog’s/pet’s weight and condition into account, and get your CBD product from a reliable seller.




CBD oil and insomnia

CBD oil and insomnia

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CBD oil and insomnia (insomnia) go hand in hand, for most CBD benefit users take CBD oil just in the evenings to calm down, relax, and get a better deep sleep. In this article, we examine the factors that affect sleep and what kind of effect endocannabinoid system and CBD has insomnia.


One third of life is a dream


We sleep an average of a third of our lives. So it is quite clear that what happens during that time has a big impact on how we can stay active. Sleep is a vital function during which the brain rests, the mind calms down and the body is cleansed. (1).

Sleep quality is affected by many different factors such as wakefulness, stress, health, bedding, and bedding. The endocannabinoid system, which maintains the balance of the whole body, also plays a role in the background.

A restful restful sleep should be obtained 6-9 hours a night and during it the body has a huge number of small and large tasks with which it prepares us for the new day. During the night you learn and rest, cleanse and balance. According to the population survey, about a third of Finnish adults suffer from various sleep problems and the same amount worldwide. Sleep problems are either short-lived or chronic and range from long-term insomnia through night sweats to nightmares (1). There are already good therapies for the treatment and symptoms of insomnia and other various sleep problems, both in Western medicine and in complementary therapies, but the interesting and well-proven CBD with therapeutic effects is still a potentially unknown potential sleep aid.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a therapeutic compound that is not intoxicating. Its relaxing properties are well known and it is already widely used to treat anxiety, pain and depression. Studies have shown that it is also helpful in promoting alertness and reducing drowsiness during the day. So CBD oil can help with sleep problems.


Endocannabinoids are part of the circadian rhythm


Endocannabinoid system is, as it were, a backbone that is not actually responsible for anything, but affects everywhere. There is hardly a single physiological activity in which it would not be involved. Thus, it also plays a very important role in sleep quality and sleep cycle regulation. Not necessarily directly but through the various functions of the body. The endocannabinoid system affects sleep e.g. by regulating the sleep-wake rhythm. (2)

It appears to be responsible for the stability of the sleep-wake cycle, rather than a single function (3). Daily variations of anandamide could play a significant role in the regulation of the sleep-wake cycle. Studies in rats have shown endocannabinoids in biological samples taken e.g. spinal cord, hippocampus, and hypothalamus. In spinal fluid samples, anandamide concentrations increased during the light period and correspondingly decreased during the dark period. It has been suggested that anandamide would accumulate as a nitrogen cell in the dark and then be released when light enters the spinal cord at those sites that regulate sleep (4). The endocannabinoid system also indirectly affects sleep through knowledge of other bodily functions such as stress levels, metabolism, and pain (5).

Endocannabinoids are a lipid-based network of mediators that act by activating cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2. There are receptors almost everywhere in the body. The two most potent cannabinoids, Anandamide and 2-AG, are able to be produced by almost all cells themselves, so there are a huge number of places in the body and brain where the endocannabinoid system can affect sleep (5). The location of cannabinoid receptors in the brain in areas of sleep regulation potentially activates cholinergic neurons. Anandamide – an activated cholinergic neuron expressing the CB1 receptor is known to promote the release of the mediator acetylcholine. Acetylcholine affects e.g. learning and remembering and is released most during deep sleep. This activation could trigger thalamic neuronal activity, which in turn enhances cortical desynchronization. Studies have shown that the function of the brainstem as well as the basal brain in relation to the thalamus is an important element in the regulation of sleep (4).

Fatty acids acting on cannabinoid receptors are known to show diurnal variations in nervous tissues and appear to follow a circadian rhythm (3). It has also been observed that they could act as zeitges, i.e. affect our internal clock (5). When these findings are combined with the knowledge that the endocannabinoid system maintains the body’s general equilibrium and regulates various bodily functions in the direction of equilibrium, it is clear that transient or chronic cannabinoid deficiency or endocannabinoid imbalance is inevitably reflected in sleep quality.


CBD oil to support sleep


Our body produces the necessary cannabinoids on its own, but we can help balance the cannabinoid system by utilizing plants such as hemp, which are naturally rich in cannabinoids. Hemp is known to have more than 100 different cannabinoids and the best known and most studied of these are THC and CBD . Different hemp varieties produce different amounts of different cannabinoids that respond to the cannabinoid receptors in our body. (6)

Psychoactive THC mainly responds to the CB1 receptor. The topic has been extensively studied in cannabis and sleep research since the 1970s, although it was not yet a direct study of the cannabinoid receptor (5). It has been observed that long-term cannabis (THC) users experience sleep problems, especially during weaning, and that THC use easily becomes a twist specifically related to sleep (6).

Non-intoxicating CBD responds to the CB2 receptor. It has been said that CBD has many positive effects on us. It lowers the inflammatory state of the body and, if necessary, also acts like pharmacological drugs, e.g. as an anti-acceleration and antiemetic drug. In the absence of solid evidence for the role of CBD in sleep regulation, the following hypothesis has been put forward; CBD enhances c-Fos gene expression in the hypothalamus as well as in the Raphe nucleus, both of which play a significant role in sleep production (7). Dosage appears to play a very important role in the success of treatment of sleep problems. A low dose accelerated subjects and made sleep more difficult, whereas at a higher dose, sleep problems were significantly alleviated (8). CBD is non-intoxicating, so it has a calming and stress-reducing effect on us.


Studies on how CBD helps with insomnia


There has been relatively little research on cannabinoids and sleep alone. Research on the CBD’s help with insomnia has only begun to attract researchers in recent years. Cannabis and sleep have been studied again since the 1970s, but cannabinoids and sleep only after 1990. Cannabis-related research has provided an excellent basis for more sophisticated research into the endocannabinoid system today (5). The results of research on cannabinoids and sleep have been obtained mainly in connection with other studies, but the relationship between cannabinoids and sleep itself has also been studied to some extent.

Research has been done in both humans and English bulldogs (6), but the results obtained with rats and other rodents help us better understand the effect of cannabinoids on sleep. The sleep of rodents is very similar to that of humans and samples and information can be collected from them at all stages of the sleep cycle (6). A study of sleep apnea in rats found that cannabinoids play an important role in achieving autonomic balance during sleep. Rats were given two cannabinoids (THC and Oleamide) and serotonin, all simultaneously and separately. These cannabinoids were also found to have an effect on the development and treatment of sleep apnea (5).

It is possible that studies with both different CBD products and THC preparations will give a placebo effect on the results due to the awareness of the medicinal effects of cannabis. Nevertheless, several studies have shown that CBD products in particular, when found in the right dose size, are highly effective, well tolerated, and safe. Studies have not shown any bad side effects and as a general rule, those treated have found CBD products pleasant and favorite to use!


Summary and concluding remarks


There has been so little research on the endocannabinoid system, cannabinoids and sleep that it is not yet possible to say for sure how it will affect the treatment and symptoms of insomnia, but what is certain is that it is of great importance. The results are contradicted by the fact that there are more than 100 different cannabinoids and that the individual effect of all of these is not yet known. Most studies focus mainly on THC and CBD cannabinoids and the effect of these on us is very different. However, it is undeniable that the endocannabinoid system plays a very important role in sleep and sleep quality through many different functions. A more holistic understanding of it would make a significant contribution to the treatment of many diseases and open up more to the subtle functioning of the human body. Experiences in human use and research findings on the positive effects of CBD on sleep are a gratifying perspective on the ever-increasing variety of insomnia symptoms.


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